My name is Mea Clark, I’m also known as Hex, hexawingeddemons on most social platforms.

Please feel free to check out my art pages as well as follow me on

social media or contact me at Hex@hexawingeddemons.com



A little about me~

Mea grew up in Northeast Harbor Maine and has recently moved out to Andover Massachusetts. She just graduated from the University of Maine in Orono and much of her undergraduate work has been autobiographical which she hopes to explore more in terms of comics about dealing with mental illness and self-reflection. Her style is heavily influenced by cartoons, comics, and anime. She is working on making a slice of life webcomic, Common Droll. She is in the works for a future story of overcoming life’s challenges and difficult decisions using her demonic and angelic characters. More than anything she would like to inspire and help people. She’s ready to unfurl her wings and take on the challenges ahead!